A couple of nights in Bangkok

Bangkok is definitely the strangest city I have ever been to. There is a reason why the song “One night in Bangkok” was titled like this. I kind of felt that one night there would have been enough for me. I have visited Thailand in 2008 and at that time it was one of my first trips (after Hong Kong) outside Europe. During that period there were riots going on in Bangkok and to be honest it did not look as bad as the media were portraying it. There were occasional burned cars but I have not encounter nothing dangerous. I was really surprised by their cultural intensity. The city is as busy as London and New York. So if you are looking to rest Bangkok is definitely not the place. Well, maybe if you want to stay in the hotel by the pool. The main transport from the airport is taxi but in the city tuk tuk (auto rickshaw) or river taxi are the best way to move around. Bangkok has a lot of attractions to offer: temples, palaces, giant reclining Buddha, covered in gold, street food, nightclubs and shopping. I recommend visiting Baiyoke Tower II, the highest skyscraper in Thailand. It offers breathtaking view of the city and the lowest floors are filled with clothes that are produced for export to places like Camden Town. The difference is you can buy them sometimes 10 times cheaper. Onward and upward, Tsaritsa Katarzyna

เพลิดเพลินไปกับการ bangkok













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