Like F@*k We Do…


Like it or not we all do it. Some more than others, but it is pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be able to go through a single day without hearing someone swearing. Its constant widespread use nowadays does mean however its effectiveness as a weapon in our individual verbal armoury is becoming eroded. People are becoming immune.

In the medical profession it has been observed that if, say, you bang yer head or hit yer thumb with a hammer, initial pain relief can be had by swearing out loud, but overdoing it lessens the relief. Less, in this case, is obviously more.

Swearing is used as an expression of anger, frustration, and a whole lot more besides, but it seems that while we are all swearing at other road users from the comfort of our cars. Pointing out someones lack of parentage or that perhaps they enjoy a lot of masturbation, we are helping diminish the impact a good swear at something or someone can have. After all, swearing can be fun……

The BBC in its wisdom has compiled a list of swear words that are deemed unacceptable, and yes, ‘c_nt’ is top of the list, even though it could be argued that even this word is beginning to lose its shock value, Ironically, given that the word profanity originally meant ‘outside the temple’ ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘God’ struggle on to the list at 25 and 28 respectively albeit out of a list of 28! While all manner of sexual insults dominate the list.

The upshot of all this is is that perhaps we should all be a little more discerning about our swearing. Equally maybe we should give some thought as to what words and phrases we use as we cuss. For example, ‘motherf@*ker’ is high up on the list, but think of what it actually infers. If you are the youngest of three children, then, technically, your father is one……

We go to great lengths to filter our television and film content yet find it acceptable to hear it on the street and it is also ironic that this article itself has also chosen not to fully spell the swear words used in a bid to limit any offence.

Finally, so when you are driven to use profanity, use your words wisely…………..for fucks sake!

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum

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