Target fixation

In the Second World War many fighter pilots noticed that while they were strafing a target, they had a tendency to aim their own aircraft at the very thing they were shooting at, sometimes with disastrous consequences.

This came to be known as ‘target fixation’. We are all prone to it. As we focus on something, driving for example, our awareness of other obstacles diminishes as you become so fixated, you forget to avoid the very thing you are looking at. Which is why you can find video footage of cars hitting solitary lampposts in deserted car parks on YouTube.

Motorbike riders witness this target fixation phenomena everyday. I should know, I am one, and it is unnerving to watch an oncoming car drift slowly towards you only to veer away at the last moment though I assure you, you do get used to it.

The resolution to this is not to look at the hazard but to look further ahead to where you are going. It is an obvious thing to say but a lot of people don’t do it. On a bend it is better to look at the furthest point of the curve rather than ten feet in front of you, you already know where you are.

Target fixation is weird to see first hand but it does happen, and i hope you get to experience it because it is so fascinating to witness.

One last thing, try applying it to yer life, I do. You already know where you are, so focus further ahead to where you wanna be…….you just never know,

See yer on the bend in the road………………….

Choose yer words wisely,

 Abe & the Elum

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