If only mouth didn’t feel the need to eat..


Shopping – a magical word for many women and men which gets them to an euphoric almost state of mind. Most women and some men treat it as therapy to a bad day, break ups, etc

Not me though!

To me the “S Word” means lots of people in my way, taking their time to look around when all I want to do is go in, find what I want and EVACUATE!!
Oh, and when I do find what I want and go straight for it, with a relief in my mind that it is going to be a quick one this time, some prick decides to nick MY item from under my nose! Arggghh – the killer instinct in me awakens! Blood rushes to my head and I feel I want to scream. Definately have no Patience for that!

What is even worse- Food Shopping! I wish food would magically appear in my fridge whenever I want it. Cause as much I love eating it, I absolutely hate shopping for it!!!
First of all, it’s the “figuring out what to buy” part- what to have for dinner is the question I dread the most every day!
Second of all – it’s the people in my way with their trollys and screaming kids ! Nah uh- not my way of spending free time!

Luckily the globalised world has invented online shopping! You find what you want, you click a button called BUY, type in your Card detalis and ..voila! All done within a space of minutes WITHOUT leaving the house and having to deal with the rest of the world who are out there hunting for the best deal or sale! The purchase arrives few days later and if one doesn’t like it, one simply returns it 🙂
I still havent tried online food shopping as, altough as much as I don’t like going out to get food, I do want to make sure I choose the best quality foods which are going down my stomach and I don’t think I can do that online!

So until some miracle happens where I suddenly open the fridge and it has got what I want in it, I need to be a soldier, arm myself in Patience and go out there to conquer the shopping world of Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and other supermarkets.

To conclude I will quote my boyfriends’ mum favourite saying which is so true:
If only our mouths didn’t feel the need to eat we would all be wearing gold!

Polish girl in UK


The best music videos… part 1

Here is the part 1 of my favourite music videos ever. In no particular order.

Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes

Flying Lotus – “Until The Quiet Comes” from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

This guy made Nickerson Gardens, project considered as one of the worst in the United States, look dangerous and beautiful at the same time; just as I have experienced it.

Meck – Feels Like Home

Bunch of kids, skating from Downtown LA to Santa Monica and back to Silver Lake to eat Mexican food at my favourite spot in LA – Tacos Delta. Music is amazing – makes you wanna flyyyyyyyyyy… on your skateboard!!!

Unkle – Heaven

Unkle always makes good videos… I’ve seen Heaven for the first time in MoCA in LA during Art in the Streets exhibition.

Amon Tobin – Esther’s

Amon Tobin made music out of random sounds… Just watch the video… Its concept is just sick…

Aphex Twin – Come to Daddy

This video is so F^%$ed up that I don’t have to say anything else.

Massive Attack – Safe from Harm

Without a doubt one of the most influential bands in the music history. Black & white video, dodgy estate, East London… and this guy in the end…. wrrrr


Onward and upward,

Tsaritsa Katarzyna

Maintaining yer dignity…

Is it possible? You decide after reading the scenario by selecting from…

1. Retrievable, and I wouldn’t get into that situation

2. Possible, It happened to me, and luckily I knew a good lawyer

3. Irretrievable, I lost not only my dignity but now a large nasty looking gentleman with red skin and horns owns my soul.

Boy (10-12) with his pet goat on leash, USA

Hey so you’ve had a few drinks, don’t we all, ………..whose to judge?

So, you leave the pub and stumble towards home. Half way there you meet an old friend who yer aint seen in ages who has a goat with them, He tells you he’s got out of the rat race and has become a goat breeder, ‘Good for you’, you hear yourself say, with a drunken slur.
Anyhow, your long lost friend says they want to go buy a kebab and could you look after the goat for a moment? ‘Yeah, no worries’, you say, slightly over confidently as you’ve never even been within three feet of a goat in your life.
You’re standing there in street, thinking about your friend and that they always did take a f@*king long time to do anything and that’s probably why you lost contact in the first place, when you feel the urge to pee. You can’t leave the goat and you can see an alleyway about twenty yards away.
‘Sod it’, I’ll take the goat with me’.
Venturing far enough down the alley to disappear into the shadows you wrestle to undo yer trousers but the goats lead is restricting your movement, so you just let your trousers and pants fall around yer ankles which startles the goat.
The goat voices its disapproval by lurching around on the lead. You try to control it by shortening the lead but the bloody animal backs up toward your legs and crotch just as the police car rounds the corner of the alleyway….. its headlights on main beam…..

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum

Oh Crap! It’s Monday! #2

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

The stuff which we absolutely loved last week.

Abe & Ellum

  • Losing a pair of gloves I really liked, then finding them again
  • Meeting two friends by chance
  • Noticing that the drivers quarterlight Window on a V Dub Beetle when opened fully interferes with the steering wheel a bit.
  • Being told yer smell nice by a checkout girl
  • Driving around with a mate just because…

Tsaritsa Katarzyna

  • Staying all day outside until I’m frozen to the bone
  • Tea with lemon
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Trees, big trees
  • Listening to the radio in the morning
  • Watching my Polish soap opera “M jak Milosc”, yeah I know I am said, but I love it

Polish girl in UK

  • Magnolias in blossom
  • Finding “Ptasie Mleczko” in Tesco ( Polish delicasy) and then eating the whole box:) mmmm
  • My bed Being my favourite place to be in this week
  • Reading  “Fifty shades of Grey” part 2, fascinated by the fucked up personality of Mr Grey
  • Relief upon discovering that my bank Account is not as bad as I thought it would be !

Back to the beginning…


Ever wondered what would have happened to us people if suddenly all the inventions of our civilisation had been taken away from us?
What would the generation 2000 do with their time without playstation,iPhones, TV’s, DVD’s and  3D ‘s?

Would Families be able to provide for their loved ones if there was no money and nothing in the shops to buy? Would people actually Know how to bake bread? And if so would they be able to start fire without matches?

Basic survival to the side, I am wondering if all the technology was gone, would our social skills improve where we would actually talk to one another instead of texting and chatting on Facebook!  Would we get to know our neighbours as most of us these days haven’t got a clue who the guy next door is. Would we talk to our family while having proper dinner at the table instead of having takeaway fast food on the couch in front of TV or spending an afternoon chatting to each other on smartphones even though everyone is in the same room?

I love travelling to poorer countries as they are not so globalised or developed and people lead simple but happy lives! They live in peace with nature, their food is not processed and taste natural and delicious! People spend time with each other and they don’t need technology! Kids play outside with whatever they can find or make which reminds me of my happy childhood.

These days, when I look at kids who have got everything but are miserable and don’t respect their parents and keep demanding more, I am grateful that I didn’t have much as a child but I learnt to appreciate what I had! I still remember the smell of my first Barbie doll and taste of my first bubble gum which mum send to us from States and the joy it has caused me! One doesn’t forget things like that.

Sometimes I think this world would benefit from a major catastrophe where all our possessions are destroyed as then perhaps people would appreciate little things in life and others around them.

Polish girl in UK

Yes, it’s that time of year again….


Yep, currently it’s that fallow period between Winter and Summer and, like most of us, yer thoughts are turning to the Summer vacation.

Long lazy days spent on the beach tanning various bits of yer bod that ordinarily never even see the sunshine. Reading a book that you bought at the airport that you really don’t give two shits about but were in the holiday mood so bought it anyway. Making sure you get your full quota of alcohol, cos yer damn well paid for it even though it was advertised as free, and yer now stuck with yer head down the toilet at three a.m wishing you felt alright just as yer stomach wretches painfully and your best mate  mutters unhelpfully, ‘Maybe those Vodka Sardine Cocktails weren’t a good idea hun’.

So, why? Why go through all that crap? Cos yer having a good time? You and I know a holiday normally consists of a lot of expense, heartache getting there and subconsciously editing the events of the two weeks so that you come back telling yer friends ‘Yeah we had a fab time, the beaches were to die for and the food….Jeez it was so tasty….The food here is rubbish by comparison…..’

When in reality you hated the hotel, almost got killed by a drunken cab driver and had sex with a total stranger who you now hope was the opposite sex but you were too plastered to recall properly now yer sober……….

Ok, it’s an exaggeration, but there is a grain of truth somewhere in all of the above…

The point is, don’t feel pressurised by the media and all the other bullshit, and it is bullshit, into thinking the only holiday you have to have is the one where you spend thousands going somewhere hot.

Most of us start moaning when the weather is hot for more than four days so why the f@*k would you spend thousands to go somewhere for fourteen days where the sun is so hot it melts the tarmac and makes the sand so hot you can barely walk on it?

Most of us work hard and figure we deserve a holiday, and we do….but on our terms and when we want.

Have a great holiday ………….just buy the ‘thank you for looking after me while I was sick in that alleyway’ present for your best friend now, rather than later.

Choose yer words wisely,

 Abe & the Elum

Sampling: Biz Markie vs Gilbert O’Sullivan


*not our picture. If you are the owner of it please let us know, so we will put credit*

Sampling plays a big part in music, genres like hip hop, dance music etc. rely heavily on it. We can argue if it helps creativity or not, probably depends on the artist, who samples.

I strongly believe that sampling is good for creativity. Of course, there are artists who can’t compose their own songs so they rip off someone else without even bringing anything new to it. If they are making money of it so be it. Maybe we should blame people who are buying their music and supports them.

I believe that current copyrights are seriously harming musical creativity: long processes of clearing the sample, ridiculously high legal fees, royalty demands by publishing houses or record label. The law should be updated. Bring the freedom back!!!

The first court cases which changed sampling situation was Biz Markie vs Gillbert O’Sullivan. Biz Markie sampled a portion of music from O’Sullivan “Alone Again (Naturally)” in his song “Alone Again”. The rapper tried to clear the sample but O’Sullivan was not forthcoming so they went ahead and released the song.

Unfortunately the judge rules in favour of O’Sullivan. From that moment the hip hop music industry changed, after the judgement stated that any future music sampling need to be preapproved by the copyright owner :(.

Onward and upward,

Tsaritsa Katarzyna