Are We All Dyslexic Cybersluts?

I suppose whether you like it or not the answer is yes.

You only have to visit the local computer store on a Saturday morning to see us all willingly parting with our hard earned cash for our latest fix of hardware to realise our unacknowledged addiction.

In the U.S and Europe it is estimated 40% are obsessed with online gaming and 10% are addicted to the web. Doesn’t sound much does it? But that means that every tenth person you meet during your day is addicted to the Internet. “Not me”,you say,……..but you’re on a computer now…….reading this…… whose the cyberslut?

Nowadays a lot of our intuitive thinking is performed for us. For example, predictive text. It offers a speedy option for texting, but in so doing removes our need to work things out for ourselves, Despite it being unreliable and frigging annoying we still regard it as a useful tool. Technology was designed to be an aid to modern living yet we have sluttishly raised it onto a pedestal. Whether this is all novelty, and let’s hope it is, the fact remains that only time will tell, and none of us will be around to find out.
As large corporations take a strangle hold of successful websites it’s heartening to know that the youngsters are rebelling, hating the fact that large corporations are influencing their lives in such a financially calculating way.

*There is a thin line between good and evil and we all tip toe down that line, …..What’s gonna be interesting is which side of the line we eventually fall.

So, are you a dyslexic cyberslut? Well, it depends on your point of view, one interesting fact…….

‘We are sorry. We have lost connection with your server’……………………………………………….

…find that annoying?

Welcome, you are a cyberslut,…………. and acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery…….

Choose yer words wisely,

 Abe & the Elum

* lyric Papa Roach

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