Poland in a nutshell


  • We got the best sausages in the world (mmmmm).
  • We are located in central Europe.
  • Bordered by Germany from the west, Czech republic from south west, Slovakia from south east, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania from East and Russia from the North East.
  • We have got a sea coastline in the north – the sea is not very warm though.
  • There are beautiful mountains in the south – especially the Tatra mountains with the highest peak of 8,199 ft. We have 21  mountains which are over 6600ft.
  • Anything in between the sea and mountains are lowlands with lakes, forest and farming fields.
  • Our Capital is Warsaw – ugly town, do don’t go there, big but dirty and  people are full of shit.
  • Go to Cracow in the south – it is gorgeous and full of history. used to be Polish capital as well. It has got many great sightseeing things, such as The Wawel Castle – which was included as the first of its kind on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites , the old TOWN square with lots of great restaurants and pubs. Outside Cracow you have a fantastic salt mine and former Nazi camp Auschwitz. if you go further south you will reach Zakopane – famous ski resort with amazing mountain views.
  • I come from a small town in the central west of Poland called Mogilno, where around 15000 people live and where the only attractions are a Monastery from 1040, lake in the middle of the town with a mini ark/ pub on the lake and a newly build, “Las Vegas-wannabe” fountain, which has cost the town 800000 euros.
  • Poland has been part of European Union since 2004, also part of NATO, and United Nations.
  • There was a time when our country was ruled by the Evil Twin brothers. One of them was the president and the other was the primer minister. The most evil of the two, the prime minister has ended his role as his cadency came to an end (thank god) and the other, the president just died in a plane crash – they buried him in the Wawel Castle in Cracow as the only president ever to be buried there and have basically made the guy a martyr – by they  I mean his evil Twin and his family. Ever since the crash,  the Evil twin is trying to blame the government for it – seeing is as a conspiracy…..this is a never ending story really..
  • We only speak (use) Polish, but a lot of people do learn foreign languages at school, lots speak English or at least can communicate.
  • Ever since Poland has joined the EU – around 2 millions of us immigrated to other countries looking for work – mostly to the UK and Ireland, but also to Sweden,Norway and Spain. This has made our unemployment lower, and the government use it to their advantage as if they have lowered the unemployment. the immigration also brought in lots of foreign capital in,as the immigrants were sending money home to their families.
  • Religion – we are 95 % catholics, other 5% are…other religions. The previous Pope was Polish.
  • We are a very family orientated nation and very hospitable!
  • We have got the proper 4 seasons, summers average temperature is 70 degrees.   Winters are cold, with average temperatures around 37.4 °F in the northwest and  21 °F in the northeast.

Polish girl in UK


3 thoughts on “Poland in a nutshell

  1. I really love your blog! 🙂 And I have been living in Gdansk since June 2012 and have been able to travel a lot during these two years and I must say, I absolutely love your country! Every corner is just beautiful 🙂

      • I am enjoying Poland a lot 🙂 I think the Batlic Sea here along the coast, the Masurian lake district and Zakopane have to be my favourite spots. A lot of uncontaminated nature which is so hard to find these days..

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