Oh Crap! It’s Monday! #1


The stuff which we absolutely loved last week.

Abe & Ellum

  • Rediscovering Sly and the Family Stone in time to save my soul from extinction.
  • Getting stuck in traffic, and not giving a crap cos I’m driving a classic V Dub Beetle (even though the window jammed open).
  • That moment when yer cat comes over to you and nuzzles yer hand.
  • Eating a cheese and onion sandwich.
  • Feeling that balmy chilly warm weather around 7 in the evening for the first time this year.
  • Realising how important friends are…
  • Watching a robin skitter around in a tree.

Tsaritsa Katarzyna

  • Drinking hot chocolate, while sitting on the pavement like a bum and just enjoying the rays of the sun.
  • The fact that Hackney Pearl cafe looks like it was taken straight from Poland in the 80’s.
  • Mystic fog that covered Canary Wharf early in the mornings.
  • Kevin Spacey and House of Cards – I managed to watch the whole series 2 last week.
  • Breathtaking pictures of Antarctica that makes me want to pack my things and just go there.
  • Delicious food at Little French Restaurant in Earl’s Court.
  • The largest disco ball in Koko London.
  • The lady that chatted me up on the tube on my way from work. You rocked!
  • Arcade Fire – Reflektor. I think I raped the replay button. Plus David Bowie sings two lines on it.
  • Eating chocolate bunny for breakfast.

Polish girl in UK

  • Sun.
  • More sun.
  • Sitting in the garden, reading a book in the sun.
  • Pay-rise!!!
  • Being on my own in my flat on Friday night, listening to loud music.
  • Listening to Jamiroquai’s best album in my car.
  • Dinner with insane work colleagues.
  • Waking up to a Sunny Sunday morning.

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