Back to the beginning…


Ever wondered what would have happened to us people if suddenly all the inventions of our civilisation had been taken away from us?
What would the generation 2000 do with their time without playstation,iPhones, TV’s, DVD’s and  3D ‘s?

Would Families be able to provide for their loved ones if there was no money and nothing in the shops to buy? Would people actually Know how to bake bread? And if so would they be able to start fire without matches?

Basic survival to the side, I am wondering if all the technology was gone, would our social skills improve where we would actually talk to one another instead of texting and chatting on Facebook!  Would we get to know our neighbours as most of us these days haven’t got a clue who the guy next door is. Would we talk to our family while having proper dinner at the table instead of having takeaway fast food on the couch in front of TV or spending an afternoon chatting to each other on smartphones even though everyone is in the same room?

I love travelling to poorer countries as they are not so globalised or developed and people lead simple but happy lives! They live in peace with nature, their food is not processed and taste natural and delicious! People spend time with each other and they don’t need technology! Kids play outside with whatever they can find or make which reminds me of my happy childhood.

These days, when I look at kids who have got everything but are miserable and don’t respect their parents and keep demanding more, I am grateful that I didn’t have much as a child but I learnt to appreciate what I had! I still remember the smell of my first Barbie doll and taste of my first bubble gum which mum send to us from States and the joy it has caused me! One doesn’t forget things like that.

Sometimes I think this world would benefit from a major catastrophe where all our possessions are destroyed as then perhaps people would appreciate little things in life and others around them.

Polish girl in UK


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