If only mouth didn’t feel the need to eat..


Shopping – a magical word for many women and men which gets them to an euphoric almost state of mind. Most women and some men treat it as therapy to a bad day, break ups, etc

Not me though!

To me the “S Word” means lots of people in my way, taking their time to look around when all I want to do is go in, find what I want and EVACUATE!!
Oh, and when I do find what I want and go straight for it, with a relief in my mind that it is going to be a quick one this time, some prick decides to nick MY item from under my nose! Arggghh – the killer instinct in me awakens! Blood rushes to my head and I feel I want to scream. Definately have no Patience for that!

What is even worse- Food Shopping! I wish food would magically appear in my fridge whenever I want it. Cause as much I love eating it, I absolutely hate shopping for it!!!
First of all, it’s the “figuring out what to buy” part- what to have for dinner is the question I dread the most every day!
Second of all – it’s the people in my way with their trollys and screaming kids ! Nah uh- not my way of spending free time!

Luckily the globalised world has invented online shopping! You find what you want, you click a button called BUY, type in your Card detalis and ..voila! All done within a space of minutes WITHOUT leaving the house and having to deal with the rest of the world who are out there hunting for the best deal or sale! The purchase arrives few days later and if one doesn’t like it, one simply returns it 🙂
I still havent tried online food shopping as, altough as much as I don’t like going out to get food, I do want to make sure I choose the best quality foods which are going down my stomach and I don’t think I can do that online!

So until some miracle happens where I suddenly open the fridge and it has got what I want in it, I need to be a soldier, arm myself in Patience and go out there to conquer the shopping world of Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s and other supermarkets.

To conclude I will quote my boyfriends’ mum favourite saying which is so true:
If only our mouths didn’t feel the need to eat we would all be wearing gold!

Polish girl in UK


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