Why We Are Obsessed With Damage Limitation? (Or, We all knew politics was a pile of crap, and here’s the proof….)

In the cricket and football of the 1950’s, the attitude was very different from how it is nowadays. It was thought the more goals you score, the more likely you were to win, or equally, the more balls you bowl at a batsman, the greater the chance of bowling them out.


Somewhere between the mid 1970’s and the late 1980’s the attitude shifted. The less balls we bowl the less runs they’ll score, and the more we defend, the fewer chances they’ll have to score, became the mantra. This is ‘Damage Limitation’. Whether this is because ‘professionalism’ i.e money, took a firmer grasp, is open to debate, but sadly the mantra is still being avidly chanted in most sport, and the upshot of this is it has permeated into other facets of our lives.

If you look up the definition of, ‘politics’ it says, ‘the associated activities with the governance of a country,especially the debate between the parties having power’. No, it doesn’t make much sense to me either, so I kinda interpret that to mean the following,‘ a bunch of elected career minded buffoons who, by that very fact, lose sight of the very people who voted for them’……

The idea that a politician could actually think that it was time to find out what the public truly thinks and go to ask them one on one, would be a novel idea to us. We all, quite rightly, figure that they don’t give two craps about us, and only really want to know what we think when it’s time to vote, or time to got to war.


So, in Norway, the Prime Minister had this very thought. As an election was fast approaching the notion of the PM in disguise, driving a cab around asking the public what they truly thought and having it filmed would be a cool idea…..and it is……was. However, whether it was the promotional company or some party whip to scared as to what results would be, some of the fifteen odd people who rode in the cab were paid and therefore aware of who was driving….this became newsworthy. As an idea, the cab thing is good, but everyone was so damn scared the results wouldn’t be what they were asking for they tried to influence the result. This did two things, fucked it up, and only added fuel to the public view that the politics is a seedy, lying world where only the worst survive and the rest are involved in sex scandals with vicars budgies, or some old nonsense that is yet another way of keeping politics in the sight of a largely disenfranchised majority.


My point is, is that in all facets of your life there is risk……a shot at goal if yer like……….grab it with both hands and throttle it until it’s choking and begging for mercy…….damage limitation is for people who know what there is too lose and are way to influenced by the possble result rather than the process……

You learn more by losing than you do by winning, and no matter what anyone says, it’s perfectly acceptable to lose, it’s not what yer want all the time but it’s ok, infinitely preferable to damage limitation…

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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