When too much choice is no choice at all…

Fast approaching is a point where we have too much information.

Information is only useful if you can evaluate it with a degree of certainty. Radiographers evaluate x-rays using knowledge, experience and a modicum of calculated guess-work. When given better x-ray equipment capable of far more detail it has been shown that diagnosis is harder to for a radiographer define. Detail does not always bring clarity and neither does having too much choice.


French fries and chips appeared in the 1850’s and both were a relatively simple dish. Now we have curly fries, crinkle fries, tornado fries, shoestring fries, thick cut fries, jojos, hand cut fries etc and that’s only the ones I could be bothered to list as examples. There are many other types, but, to what end? It’s like, why do we have to have citrus flavoured cider? How many types of crisp, odd-shaped frigging tea bags, or, breakfast cereal do we have to have?

I’m not saying choice is bad and we should all live in a society where there is only one type of dog, cat or car…far from it, I like choice, choice is good. The issue here is when choice is created because a manufacturer is desperate to capture part of the market it doesn’t have using a gimmick, And we’re the ones who suffer.


Marketing and its lust for new things to sell is seemingly unquenchable. For example, I saw in a toilet a condom machine. It said, and I quote,’Now easy on’…what the bloody hell…do they realise what they are saying? All I can imagine is they were making the damn things too small before and guys were saying to their partners,’I’m sorry I can’t get the thing on, maybe tomorrow eh?’ or, the condom manufacturer receiving countless claims against them as women claim damages for the condom pinging wildly from the top of the penis, flying across the bed and whacking them in the eye. ‘Easy on’…What? Are we all supposed to breathe a sigh of relief? Finally a condom that fits my penis and doesn’t cut the blood supply off………………..This is nonsense but we’re the ones who have to filter all this barrage of choice. It rarely improves our lives merely packs the shelves and we buy unusual stuff cos we feel adventurous on the spur of the moment or are in such a rush the store didn’t have what we wanted but this was the nearest thing to it…………..

Choice is cool…but too much choice, let’s face it, becomes no choice at all…………………

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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