Revenge, or wishing someone ill after being f@*ked over by them is understandable…


Generally we all kinda think,’ I wish a 10 tonne truck would crush their bollocks’, or,’I hope they get their private parts caught in a blender’. However, I think there maybe an alternative that’s longer lasting and more debilitating……

Recently I met a 16 year old girl who was visiting the UK, her parents had asked me to make sure she was ok and help her out if she needed it.
Over coffee we spoke at length, about anything you would like to mention. She was open, smart, and, yes, to cap it all, pretty. So she was the kind that goes in yer black book marked down as another one to eliminate. But………

She had a plan, She knew what she wanted to do in life and I mean knew . This wasn’t someone who, like a lot of us, spout a dream as a plan, she had worked out what she wanted and researched it. Her knowledge and her application of the information she had collated was captivating. Someone twice her age would be envious of her. We parted company me having given her my email so she can keep in contact. By the time I got back ( a journey of about half an hour) I had had an email from her. All i thought was fuck this girl is motivated, I wish I had been like that when I was sixteen.
And that’s the point, ……motivation.
It’s what spurs us on. If the human race hadn’t been motivated to go look outside we’d still be in the cave wondering if fire is a good idea and wandering around scared witless of every sound we heard pass by the cave entrance.


So, if you’re wondering what you can wish on some so called friend who has turned out to be a bast@*d don’t wish them pain, it’s temporary, wish them lack of motivation. It’ll stay with them forever and completely trash them. and to some degree, five years down the line, is far more satisfying for you.

And the sixteen year old? Yep, she’s still sending me emails, one of which said, ‘I’ve tried to think of everything I’ll need to succeed’….. I smiled when I read that…………

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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