Is Love indeed a many splendid thing?


Regardless of how you view two teenagers kissing or making out in the street you should be completely envious.

Many a psychologist believes what those two are experiencing is the purest form of love two ‘adults’ can ever experience.
The reason?
Neither brings any luggage.
Neither has an expectation as to what a relationship is meant to be for them. They’ve never had one. All that follows in subsequent relationships is how much baggage you choose to bring to the table. How hurt you were, how disappointed you were, or worse, how much you miss your previous partner and continue to make comparisons. Lets be honest it’s hard not to do, but looking at it objectively, completely unfair.

Love is a fab thing and to lose yourself to someone unconditionally is scary and exciting. Time and circumstances are the worst enemies of love between two people. It takes a special kinda people to resist the financial pressures and all the other crap that comes with modern life to stick together.


Many now feel long term relationships are passe and not what humans are meant to aspire to. That’s way too much of a generalisation, as is, saying you should be together for ever…….What truly matters is love, and that lasts as long as it’s meant too. And that’s a blaise statement if ever there was one. Many people stay together for years but forget they love each other, it’s easily done. Yer both travelling down the same road yet somehow, somewhere along the way, you stopped holding hands.

Love is cool, it is lust, sex, being at one with someone…but it’s also staying with someone through a night of illness,or getting up with them at some ungodly hour to make breakfast for them before they go to work……..
Love is an amorphous thing constantly changing the goalposts, and that’s why it is indeed still a many splendid thing…….

If you are in Love right now, go kiss the person you’re with, just because….no other reason, other than you Love them………

Love is a many splendid thing………cherish it.

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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