We all do it.

20140601-092336-33816923.jpgThere are certain subjects people consider taboo or culturally uncomfortable to deal with……
Cancer, death, to name two, but there is one we all do, and never speak about at all.
Some more than most, but we have all had damn good go at it at some point……yep, you guessed it,…………………………. Masturbation.

The age group that go at it hammer and tongs the most is the 20-30 olds, while rubbing close behind them is, unsurprisingly, the teenagers. The rest are either are too tired, can’t get their ends up cos of kids, or have just plain grown passed that need.
It’s something we all do and there is no shame in doing it. It fulfills a need in you, just like being hungry or wanting to sleep…..and as with anything over indulgence can lead to addiction, or, at least, the application of a soothing balm prescribed by yer doctor.

Is it good for you?
That’s like asking,’ Can I do it and not go blind?’
Yes, you can, and no, yer won’t, unless you have a kickback and hit yerself in the eye…..
When researching this I asked,’Is masturbation good for you?’ The first five options were aimed at Mens health, which rather tells you something don’t it? Presumably men are more prone to masturbation cos what they have sticks out in front of them, flaps about, and well, hell, you have to do something to quieten the fucker down….Can’t keep sticking it in an ice cold bucket of water…


If you want some reasons to masturbate, other than your just horny as hell, here are a few.
In women it can help relieve menstrual cramps, but it can also help you sleep, achieve better orgasms with your partner and can help with insomnia. So there, if you were concerned about the guilt aspect of self love as it seems to be called now, don’t worry. You can argue your just off to yer bedroom for the good of yer health!

One last thing…..once I had thought about this, I guarantee you will do what I did.
You’ll go around looking at people in the street thinking to yourself, ‘Hmmm, …..he does it, ….she does it….he has definitely done it…..she wants to do it…….she IS doing it!’

Peace Love and Happiness to you all……..yer wankers

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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