6 best concerts I’ve seen in my life


Since I’m a concert freak I’ve prepared the list of the six best concerts I’ve seen in my life. Some of the videos might not be from the same show which I’ve attended, because of the video quality, but they will definitely give you some idea.

6. Muse (L.A. Rising, 2011)

I’ve never liked Muse. For me they were boring and they were singing like they couldn’t go to the toilet. Muse was playing just before RATM during L.A. Rising couple of years ago and obviously I had to inform everyone standing next to me how much I dislike them.

Muse went on stage, started playing, showing their lasers, special effects, throwing balloons in shape of eyes and I was hypnotised. I said only one thing after their show to people around me: “Everything what I said before I’m taking it back”. Those guys won me over. They are amazing and I’m a fan since then.

5. Slipknot (Hammersmith Apollo, London, 2008)

Slipknot was my band when I was a teenager and I still lived in Poland. When they released All Hope Is Gone and announced UK tour in 2008, I didn’t think twice and I bought the ticket.

I meet a bunch of really cool people outside the Hammersmith Apollo in London on the day of the show. Machine Head was playing before Slipknot and they were bloody good. When those freaks from Iowa finally came on stage and when I’ve heard that banging sound of drums I was in heaven. I’ve even managed to touch Clown’s nose.

4. Rage Against The Machine (Hollywood Palladium, LA, 2010)

RATM was about to play their first show in LA in 20 years and I was in town at that time. My common sense was telling me: GO GO GO!!! I’ve seen them a month before that show in Germany but still, seeing them in their hometown is something different. Finally, managed to get two tickets. Gosh, I was standing in front of the stage, surrounded by inpatient, frustrated males. Conan Oberst played before Rage, and he was booed at. The crowd started shouting “Get the f^&k out of the stage, we want Rage”. I felt sorry for the guy, but I was kind of tired of him singing as well. When finally RATM went out I though I’m gonna die in front of the stage. First time in my life I got scarred at the show and I run away to the back, where I was being constantly offered a weed. The whole Hollywood Palladium smelt of weed that day. RATM always delivers. They have the energy, great songs. Come on Morello’s guitar and De La Rocha’s voice – where can you go wrong. You only have to see them live.

Check out the video:

3. The Prodigy (Rock Am Ring, Germany, 2010)

I saw The Prodigy at Rock Am Ring in 2010. They were playing after Machine Head and before Slipknot. It was a cold, rainy day and my shoes were wet and it was very uncomfortable but as soon as they started the show water in my trainers didn’t matter anymore. It was a party time. The whole Rock Am Ring was jumping to the tunes of “Omen”. Keith and Maxim were jumping on stage like crazy. A half of unmasked Slipknot were hanging out with other bands on the side of the stage, no one wanted to miss this energising performance.

Check out the video from the actual show:

2. Roger Waters (O2 Arena, London, 2011)

I grow up on Pink Floyd so I know The Wall since I was in my mum’s belly. My dad as PF’s maniac and the biggest fan has never seen them live, which for me was a big NO NO! So I took my dad to Roger Waters’ “The Wall” show in London. We had seats in front, facing the stage – that’s what you call QUALITY! My dad as he doesn’t like to share his feelings, didn’t say anything, but I knew deep inside that he loved it. It was a really cool experience to take my old man to the gig which he dreamt of his whole life. This plus the stage installation, which it must cost Waters a couple millions of that –> £££ – made this show absolutely amazing. He didn’t spare a dime on it – a sound coming from different sides of the arena, flying pig, building the wall during the show, hypnotising wall projections, controversial slogans on the bricks, falling of the wall and the costumes a la Nazi soldiers – it was all worth this little fortune of mine.

David Gilmour performed with Roger a couple days before our show. Imagine my frustration that I didn’t buy the tickets for that specific day.

1. Rammstein (Bercy, Paris, 2009)

This concert took place in December 2009. I remember that we (me + my sisters) went a day before that to Alice in Chains concert in Brixton Academy, drove back to Horsham at night, slept like 2-3 hours, woke up and head to Dover to catch the ferry (this time Yarek, my sister boyfriend,  joined us) to Calais. We managed to get our asses to Paris the next day (7h of listening to Rammstein in the car non stop). OMG!!! That was the highlight of my life at that time. I said to myself “I’ll see Rammstein live and I can die”. Adrenaline was in my veins instead of blood.

Combichrist was headlining Rammstein, and we really thought that they will be shit (none of us never heard of them then) and it will be painful to survive their concert. We just wanted the Germans to go on stage. But… it was a pleasant surprise. They were actually really good and it felt more like a discotheque rather than a rock show.

Anyway, going back to Rammstein. They were too good to be true. I was pushed into the barriers all the time, but who cares about pain when they are playing “Rammlied”. The pyrotechnics, fire, fake cocks, more fire, smoke, heavy guitars etc. It almost felt if Germans were invading Poland again, and trust me it felt good.

Here is my favourite Rammstein live video:


Onward and upward,

Tsaritsa Katarzyna


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