It’s all a game to you innit?

If you look at the top ten computer games to see what they are you’ll find that if you can’t kill it, spy on it, or downright fuck it over on the sports field there will be little other choice. The games now are awesome and getting better with every new release but it’s interesting to look back briefly to see how we’ve arrived at this point.


When the PS1 came out people went bananas, I know I did, It was so different. And here’s the thing, the choice of games was vast. Ok, some of them were iffy to say the least, but the point is cos the technology was so new, the industry could not possibly foresee what would sell. So to cover all bases a blanket approach was taken. This meant there were some oddities that crept in but also it meant we, the consumer, had a huge selection of varying game styles to choose from.

As PS2 was released, along with the Xbox etc, the choice of game that would sell became a little easier to predict. Hollywood used them as an addition to the merchandising for a popular film which was cool.Though the speculative weird little games were not taken up and thus the choice spectrum began to narrow.


By the time we’ve got to where we are now the industry has the market nailed……and the subjects are so predictable. we are talking human beings after all.

So, violence, sex, sport, aliens and cars are what we seem to like best………..well, who’d a thunk it…………….hahahahahaha me, for one!

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


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