Frank… one





by Abe & the Elum


It was night, but then Frank figured about half the day was night. The downside was it was raining. He drew up the collar of his mac, tipped his Trilby down a notch to combat the wind, and emerged from the shadows of the alley way.

The yellowy streetlamps turned his mac an ugly shade of beige, and as the rain began to spot on the shoulders the colour looked even more distasteful.

Frank could not have cared less, he had other things on his  mind. Who this blonde woman he was to follow he had no idea.  Apart from she was high class, read trashy novels and liked to say a big hello to a bottle of gin at least once a day….he tutted, as at that moment she moved off, hunched against the rain in her high heels and astracan dress coat.

Frank skipped down the kerb and crossed the street to follow on the same side, cursing as he did so, as his right foot plunged into a puddle twice the depth of his foot. The water was icy and Frank cussed,shaking his foot he watched the blonde taking tiny clip clop steps away down the street….



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