Frank… three





by Abe & the Elum


Frank stared in disbelief. He had watched death come visit this woman in the guise of a black sedan that had ripped her soul from her body. Now all that was left was silence, save for the occassional ‘tink’ of rain drops hitting some aluminium dustbin lid close by.

Frank stood looking at the body some twenty feet from him. She was lying half on the pavement, half in the road. He had been under strict instructions not to lose the woman. Now he had done more than that, she was dead. And it dawned on Frank all the fall out would come his way.

He ran to the body and searched her bag.

For what? For anything, some clue as to what was going on. The bag had held nothing he didn’t expect to find. He searched her coat only finding a packet of cigarettes which he stuffed in his inside pocket.The stale smell of alcohol was all over her clothes and he stood, partially because of this, but also because he felt nauseous at the sight of her slowly whitening face.

He heard a police siren far off echoing around the empty streets.’Comng this way?’, Frank thought. Wherever it was going he was heading in the other direction. He chose South, and walked away, fast.

His mobile rang. Looking at who the caller was Frank grimmaced and tried to estimate how much running away money he had left in his account.

“Hi Boss”, Frank answered…..



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