Frank… five





by Abe & the Elum


Frank had known Eddie since they were kids but knew he was the type of man who had no time for sentimentality. Given enough money he would no doubt hold his mother by the ankles over the highest bridge in town, drop in her the river below and walk away patting his damn dog.

And then there was the dog.

Frank considered Trinket to be a nasty snappy little shit who would bite yer hand off given half a chance. Age had not mellowed this example of the normally placid breed. Somewhere deep in the dogs pysche was a crazy mad person hell bent on fucking over every damn person they met.

Frank saw Trinket catch his eye. The little four legged fuck baring its teeth at him. Eddie looked over in Franks direction and nodded towards the door. Frank acknowledged Eddie and edged out of his seat…..



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