Gorgeous Persia – Yazd

Onward and upward,

Tsaritsa Katarzyna  


‘It’s technology Jim,but not as we know it…’

Technology, we all extol its virtues, and most of the time it’s fab, but, how much of the tech we use is potential junk?


Resale value of most items is poor. This is largely because manufacturers are so proficient at producing new goods. This drives down any chance of recouping anything like yer money back on goods you choose to sell. I know, I’ve tried.

The secondhand market is a fragile place, people are indoctrinated more and more into thinking ‘new’ is best. Regardless of the amount of folk who rattle on about recycling and saving the planet, a large percentage of the population will be found driving new cars, bicycles, using the latest ipads, fones whatever.

Who can blame them? New stuff is cool…even if half it isn’t as fast to boot up as it’s claimed, doesn’t do what it says in the ads, or leaves you frustrated and pissed at the prat who convinced you you wanted it in the shop.

No matter how much we all want to believe to the contrary, we are all so damn gullible, and we don’t even realise. Many now argue they couldn’t live without their mobile, yet up until about thirty years ago countless generations had wandered around the planet perfectly happy, possibly more so than anyone nowadays.
Tech is useful in so many ways but a lack of a power supply means all you have a large piece of plastic in yer pocket, in yer living room, or in yer car.

So, in reality it’s all junk,,,,,It has to be by definition.
Manufacturers produce equipment that, as far as they are concerned, is already ‘old hat’……..for us to assume otherwise is naive. The general public is now a champing seething ground of frenzied buyers who’ll buy the latest ‘something’ purely on the basis that it is, just that, the latest.

So, as Christmas looms, and the adverts start to appear on tv selling stuff, ask yerself this…..What the fuck am I buying it for? Cos I’m part of the feeding frenzy, or cos I truly need it?…..
Hell I aint a Saint, I buy stoopid stuff, but realise,no matter how much you think you’ve bought the latest bit of kit, you haven’t for next week it’ll be out dated and you’ll wanna buy it…..

Don’t perpetuate the cycle…………………………………tech nowadays is junk within a week.

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum

Frank… six





by Abe & the Elum


As Frank rose from his seat he accidentally nudged the table so the cutlery chinked and the table legs scraped loudly on the terracotta tiled floor. The two teenage girls who were sitting next to him stifled giggles and glanced at each other, leaning in to share some secret joke, presumably at Franks expense.
Eddie was watching and that damn dog was still baring those little white bastard teeth. Frank now wished he had eaten his eggs, at least as a condemned man he would have had a last meal.

The door from the kitchen opened and the plump waitress Frank had thought looked mildly like the love child of Marilyn Munroe and John Malkovich entered the dining area carrying a tray of pancakes and maple syrup covered in ice cream. Chewing her now tasteless gum she yelled out,’Who ordered the number fifty seven?’…………

A middle aged couple replied with a muted acknowledgement and the waitress pushed passed Eddie. Trinket snarled at the waitress who berated Eddie about keeping his dog under control.

Frank meanwhile  had slipped unnoticed from his table and was quietly heading for the toilets…..almost within door handle reach Eddie had caught sight of Frank and tutted. He set the little dog down and calmly said to it,’Go get him’………………….