Frank… seven





by Abe & the Elum


The first Frank knew that the little shit of a dog was on his trail was the ticking of the claws on the floor. He could hear it trying to build momentum on the shiny tiling and Frank did not want that dog anywhere near him. He hated dogs at the best of times and this one he had a special pot of loathing for.

Trinket snarled like a spoilt brat gaining on the hapless Frank who was torn between heading for the back door fire escape, or heading into the Gents toilet. He chose the back door figuring he could out pace that little ball of turd once in the back alley way.

As Frank ran down the dingy hallway the smell of the toilets caught his nose and he fleetingly wondered if the toilets were that  bad,what the hell was the kitchen like? Trinket began to gain on Frank who had reached the back door and who was pushing the release bar as hard as possible. The thing had jammed and Frank shoved  violently, cussing as he did so. As he noticed someone had scratched in the paintwork that,’Marcie did good blowjobs’ the door opened and Frank found himself out in the dawn sunshine. He blinked several times before running as fast as he could down the alley way.

Seconds later Trinket was standing  in the doorway of the bar and grill barking fiercely. The creature failed to notice the door slamming back and squealed loudly as its tail was caught between dorr and frame….

Frank was unaware of what had happened as he turned into the main street but was smiling at the thought that that little fuck was obviously in pain…….



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