Frank… eight





by Abe & the Elum


Frank had lost himself in the maze of streets. He kinda knew where he was as the crow flew, but the way his luck was going his crow was roadkill.

As he walked down the dusty pavements he formulated plan after plan, each one as unrealistic as the last. Finally he happened upon a bank and decided to start from the beginning, If he knew how much he had in his account he would know how far he could run….. while he still had legs.

The result left him chewing over his memory, trying to figure out what the hell he had spent the five thousand on.

The eight hundred he had would get him far enough away to be caught by Eddie, the paper trail would be so obvious. Not even enough money for a decent stroll Frank thought as he folded the notes and placed them in his canvas wallet. He looked around to satisfy himself no one was checking him out and moved off in the direction of home.

He needed time to think. Time to come up with some damn solution that leave him alive and relatively in one piece. He took the dead womans packet of cigarettes from his pocket, took one and lit it. The smoke made him dizzy for a second but the feeling was good…fuck this he thought as he exhaled and drew on the cigarette again, fuck it all, there must be a way out of all this…..

He felt his phone vibrate. He looked a the screen. A message. From Eddie……..FUCK!



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