Bored at work, as we all get from time to time I thought I’d download a game to my phone. Any game, I genuinely didn’t mind, I just wanted a distraction. So this simple car game pops up. It’s non demanding to say the least, so I figure it’s perfect for whiling away a few moments. Just in case I was about to download the mother of all crap games I thought,’Hey! Why not skim read a few of the reviews?’ So I did.

The first four reviews were from ten year olds and it was their expectations that have prompted this writing.

None disputed the concept of the game, nor did they really mind it’s approach. What they all did comment on to some length was….it wasn’t realistic enough.

Phrases like,’ the backgrounds could have been more realistic and the cars could have had a lot more detail and more realism’ were banded about and were obviously of importance to these game players.

What’s interesting though is the idea that where they are isn’t rea in the first place. It’s not here. It’s in a phone or a laptop, like, technically this article doesn’t exist, in reality it exists only in a computer. 

Yet their demand for realism was ,and is, paramount.

This is given a further twist of weirdness when you watch a lot of the military games. The realism is there in a few, but equally a lot have sanitised the killing. There’s often no blood….so there is already a muted realism.

So what? It’s only a game right?

Yep, it is, but like all of the twisted and intriguing strangeness the Internet has brought us it is maybe a small indication of where we’re heading.

No longer will generations in the not too distant future have just one reality. They will have several.

There are already dating sites you can date as an avatar. There you can be what the fuck you want. Male can be female, female can male and all points in between.

You can travel the world on Google maps and walk cities from the comfort of your living room.

And this is kinda cool yet our grandparents wouldn’t have believed it possible,

it’s all happened so fast.

The demand for realism from these ten year olds is, when you think about it, quite reasonable. The sad part about it is that the real human world they are growing up in is so unstable their demand for a ‘realistic’ alternative becomes immediately understandable.

A world where anything is possible…..and ironically in the real human world, anything still is possible…. We’ve just stopped believing it is.

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum


Why do we hate?

So……Why do we hate?

It’s not genetic, it’s learnt. Its handed down, like being polite, or knowing cutting yer toe nails means yer shoes fit better. 

So… What’s the point of it?

Nothing at all….it’s a big fat negative that destroys the souls of the people hating and ruins the lives of those on the receiving end. There is no positive to be found, none.

So… Why do we do it?

Yer wanna know? You really wanna know ? Cos it’s far easier to hate than to love. There it’s said. Ain’t that a bummer? 

Yep, the human race has to taught itself to be a destructive bunch of fucks because to love something is a different kind of passion. 

It requires nurturing, like looking after a pot plant, or a kitten. It involves time, effort. 

Hate needs none of this. Somehow, over time humans have developed a direct line straight to the damn source of hate, that lies there just waiting to be picked up and thrown at something.


What am I blathering on about?

Humans should not be defined by a pigment in their skin, nor by what version of a book they read and certainly not by what damn gender, disability or sexual preference they have. All of this is superficial bullshit. 

These differences are nuances of the individual and are what makes each human being so damn interesting and unique.

Hating is a luxury…. And it’s time it went.

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum