Why do we hate?

So……Why do we hate?

It’s not genetic, it’s learnt. Its handed down, like being polite, or knowing cutting yer toe nails means yer shoes fit better. 

So… What’s the point of it?

Nothing at all….it’s a big fat negative that destroys the souls of the people hating and ruins the lives of those on the receiving end. There is no positive to be found, none.

So… Why do we do it?

Yer wanna know? You really wanna know ? Cos it’s far easier to hate than to love. There it’s said. Ain’t that a bummer? 

Yep, the human race has to taught itself to be a destructive bunch of fucks because to love something is a different kind of passion. 

It requires nurturing, like looking after a pot plant, or a kitten. It involves time, effort. 

Hate needs none of this. Somehow, over time humans have developed a direct line straight to the damn source of hate, that lies there just waiting to be picked up and thrown at something.


What am I blathering on about?

Humans should not be defined by a pigment in their skin, nor by what version of a book they read and certainly not by what damn gender, disability or sexual preference they have. All of this is superficial bullshit. 

These differences are nuances of the individual and are what makes each human being so damn interesting and unique.

Hating is a luxury…. And it’s time it went.

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum



‘I loved when Bush came out and said, “We are losing the war against drugs.” You know what that implies? There’s a war being fought, and people on drugs are winning it’ *

Fearless,is defined as strong willed,brave and with a pure heart……

Not sure how many of you will recognise the name Bill Hicks.
For those of you who don’t recall, he was a stand up comedian from the U.S who died in 1994 way before his time. The legacy he left was to help pave the path for the next generation of comedians to broaden the scope of their observational humour. His satirical and often poignantly scathing remarks on politics, smoking and drugs not only made people laugh but made them think.
It’s one thing to be able to make people laugh but to make them think while they laugh is indeed a rare commodity.
His fearlessness on stage was limitless, if you heckled him you did so at your own peril.
There are countless videos of him on YouTube and there are endless quotes from him all over the internet.
Just for the fearless approach Bill Hicks had, please check him out………………..

*Bill Hicks at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 1990

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum

Maintaining yer dignity…

Is it possible? You decide after reading the scenario by selecting from…

1. Retrievable, and I wouldn’t get into that situation

2. Possible, It happened to me, and luckily I knew a good lawyer

3. Irretrievable, I lost not only my dignity but now a large nasty looking gentleman with red skin and horns owns my soul.

Boy (10-12) with his pet goat on leash, USA

Hey so you’ve had a few drinks, don’t we all, ………..whose to judge?

So, you leave the pub and stumble towards home. Half way there you meet an old friend who yer aint seen in ages who has a goat with them, He tells you he’s got out of the rat race and has become a goat breeder, ‘Good for you’, you hear yourself say, with a drunken slur.
Anyhow, your long lost friend says they want to go buy a kebab and could you look after the goat for a moment? ‘Yeah, no worries’, you say, slightly over confidently as you’ve never even been within three feet of a goat in your life.
You’re standing there in street, thinking about your friend and that they always did take a f@*king long time to do anything and that’s probably why you lost contact in the first place, when you feel the urge to pee. You can’t leave the goat and you can see an alleyway about twenty yards away.
‘Sod it’, I’ll take the goat with me’.
Venturing far enough down the alley to disappear into the shadows you wrestle to undo yer trousers but the goats lead is restricting your movement, so you just let your trousers and pants fall around yer ankles which startles the goat.
The goat voices its disapproval by lurching around on the lead. You try to control it by shortening the lead but the bloody animal backs up toward your legs and crotch just as the police car rounds the corner of the alleyway….. its headlights on main beam…..

Choose yer words wisely,

Abe & the Elum